Sle’s Furniture Mod [MCPE]

This is the first Inner Core mod that adds furniture to Minecraft PE. You no longer need to improvise and combine several objects and blocks to get some kind of table or lamp. Sle’s Furniture is actively developing, the author promises many electrical appliances in the next update.

Created by Sle

Sle's Furniture Mod for MCPE

Well, for now you can use an electric stove, a lantern, tables and a candlestick. What works from this list? The candlestick and the lantern emit light that is a replacement for bulky luminous blocks, and the electric stove can fry the meat and also convert the found ores into ingots.

Sle's Furniture Mod for MCPE

Sle’s Furniture Mod installation

  1. Install Inner Core.
  2. Copy the SlePE Furniture Mod folder to the mod folder (/games/com.mojang/mods/).

It only works on Android, unfortunately Inner Core doesn’t support iOS.

Download Sle's Furniture Mod for Minecraft PE

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