FPS Booster Pack [Minecraft PE]

Just imagine how much FPS will increase if you sift through the textures and leave only those that consume little memory. FPS Booster Pack does this for you, it just removes the hardest, leaving only a simplified model. Particles, animations, detailed textures will be deleted because they are one of the main consumers of the memory of your device.

Created by TheRexiar

FPS Booster Pack [Minecraft PE]

What’s inside?

  • All textures are simplified. This means lack of detail, the blocks are very clean.
  • Removed particles and clouds.
  • Objects and weapons were re-textured.
  • Great combination with PvP.

FPS Booster Pack [Minecraft PE]

Do you need to increase FPS and settings can not solve this problem? Try this texture pack, it is not able to break Minecraft PE.

FPS Booster Pack installation:

  1. Download the pack and run it using the game.
  2. Go to the game settings and activate the pack.

Download FPS Booster Pack for Minecraft PE

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