FF Quiver Mod

There is only one type of arrow in Minecraft Java and this fact is pretty sad. If you remember other games where you have a bow and arrows then there are several different arrows. FF Quiver Mod is designed so that you can not only kill enemies using a bow, but also illuminate dark places, set fire to, blast and poison enemies.

Created by Feline

FF Quiver Mod Minecraft

Types of arrows

  • Water Arrows
  • Lava Arrows
  • Explosive Arrows
  • TP Arrows
  • Iron Arrows
  • Torch Arrows
  • Poison Arrows

FF Quiver Mod Minecraft

Based on the names of new arrows, you can experiment and apply arrows as a torch and also pour water or lava in the right place.

FF Quiver Mod Minecraft

Crafting recipes:

FF-Quiver-Mod-Crafting-Recipes-3 FF-Quiver-Mod-Crafting-Recipes-3 FF-Quiver-Mod-Crafting-Recipes-3 FF-Quiver-Mod-Crafting-Recipes-3

FF Quiver Mod installation

  1. Move the mod folder here: [./minecraft/mods].
  2. Minecraft Forge must be installed.

Download FF Quiver Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2

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