Personal Cars Mod [1.12.1]

If you want to see simple but functional vehicles in Minecraft, then pay attention to this mod. Personal Cars adds 4 types of cars available in different colors for any mood. There are sedan, suv, convertible and coupe and you can have all the cars at the same time.

All cars are different not only externally but also technically: the fastest of them is a cabrio accelerating very fast. Suv is suitable for mountainous areas and the sedan does an excellent job of transporting passengers.

Personal Cars Mod Minecraft


  • All cars have engine sound.
  • You can transport items, mobs or other players.
  • Any car does damage and also has health, in the end it will be destroyed if you are badly driving it.
  • There are items necessary for driving.
  • Several different colors.

Prepare a parking spot or build a small garage before creating a car. Then look at the items below necessary for the car. You will need the key and the details of the car.

Personal Cars crafting recipes:

Personal Cars crafting recipes

Press the R button to start the engine. Gradually, your car is gaining speed, so take a few test trips to learn how to deftly drive it.

Personal Cars Mod installation:

  1. Move the mod folder here ./minecraft/mods.
  2. Minecraft Forge must be installed.

Download Personal Cars Mod for MC 1.12.1

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