Debug Stick Mod [MCBE]

This magic wand most recently appeared in Minecraft namely in version 1.13 which was released last week in Minecraft 1.13 Pre-Release 1. A debug stick allows players to do unusual things. Tapping on the glass block you can change its ID and its color accordingly, and it works with other blocks having subtypes.

Created by elementx47

Debug Stick Mod for MCBE

How to get this debug stick and how to use it?

Type / debugstick and select it, then tap on any block and see how it changes. The benefit of this tool is that you can easily change blocks without breaking or removing them.

Debug Stick Mod for MCBE

With the help of debug sticks, you can reconstruct your buildings without doing destructive actions.

Debug Stick Mod installation:

  1. Install BlockLauncher and run it.
  2. Click on the wrench at the top of the screen and select ModPE.
  3. Then add the name.js file and restart the game.

Download Debug Stick Mod for Minecraft BE

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