Kitchenware Addon [MCPE]

This is a decorative add-on, remember this at a time when you’ll decorate the kitchen table. The Kitchenware Addon allows you to put food on plates and it’ll look like cooked food. The simplest example is a steak, just put it on a plate and invite the guests to the table.

Created by JEBR_Gaming

Kitchenware Addon Minecraft PE

What’s inside?

  • Plates
  • All kinds of food in 3D
  • Cups
  • Table Candles
  • Sponge for washing dishes

Kitchenware Addon Minecraft PE

How to use the plates?

First of all you need to cook food. For example, go hunting and get rabbit meat then fry it and put it on a plate. This dish can no longer be taken from the plate and eat, the only way to clean the plate is to use a wet sponge.

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Kitchenware Addon installation:

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft PE.
  2. Turn on the addon in the game settings.

Download Kitchenware Addon for MCPE 1.2

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