Improved Creatures Addon

Not all players approve the changes that apply to the mobs in Minecraft PE. Sometimes it seems that some creatures are not completely configured, health or drop need correction. The Improved Creatures Addon was created especially for such cases when you dream to see perfectly tuned mobs with a share of realism.

Improved Creatures Addon MCPE

Here’s what you get:

There are 5 versions of the add-on, but you can only install one or use the full version that contains everything at once.

  • Basic – modify the behavior, parameters and drop for the main part of the mobs
  • Defense – simplifies survival, especially with companions
  • Nether – for dimension
  • Extra – includes both peaceful and aggressive creatures
  • Full – combines all types into one

Improved Creatures Addon installation:

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft PE.
  2. Turn on the addon in the game settings.
  3. Compatibility with MCPE 1.2.6.

Download Improved Creatures Addon for MCPE

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