Snowmobile Addon [MCPE]

Why do you need a horse or a donkey in an ice biome if there is a snowmobile. This machine copes with snow conditions much better, because snow is its territory. In addition, your new vehicle will be able to transport two players at the same time, so get comfortable and go on a snow hill with a friend or girlfriend.

Created by Santigamer836

Snowmobile Addon for MCPE

What can a snowmobile do?

  • Transports two people
  • Headlights in the dark
  • Speedometer showing current speed
  • Sounds and animations
  • Trunk
  • Works on Minecraft PE 1.8 & 1.9

Snowmobile Addon for MCPE


Snowmobile Addon installation

  1. Download the file below.
  2. Open the .mcpack file using Minecraft BE.

Download Snowmobile Addon for MCPE 1.9

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