Minecraft Bedrock Edition Changelog

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where items from certain Add-ons could appear without textures or names when joining Realms


  • Fixed a bug that caused Crafter to be audible from more than five blocks distance


  • Doors of different materials will now be able to form a double door
  • The Heavy Core Block is properly scaled in the inventory
  • The Heavy Core Block is now positioned correctly in Item Frames
  • The Bell Block no longer rings twice when hit with a Wind Charge Projectile
  • “double_stone_block_slab2” block is now split into unique instances “red_sandstone_double_slab”, “purpur_double_slab”, “prismarine_double_slab”, “dark_prismarine_double_slab”, “prismarine_brick_double_slab”, “mossy_cobblestone_double_slab”, “smooth_sandstone_double_slab” and “red_nether_brick_double_slab”
  • “prismarine_double_slab”, “dark_prismarine_double_slab” and “prismarine_brick_double_slab” now have a destruction time of 1.5
  • Fixed Ancient City entrance using a single Deepslate tile slab instead of a double slab
  • “double_stone_block_slab3” block is now split into unique instances “end_stone_brick_double_slab”, “smooth_red_sandstone_double_slab”, “polished_andesite_double_slab”, “andesite_double_slab”, “diorite_double_slab”, “polished_diorite_double_slab”, “granite_double_slab” and “polished_granite_double_slab”
  • “end_stone_brick_double_slab” now has a destruction time of 3.0
  • “andesite_double_slab”, “polished_andesite_double_slab”, “diorite_double_slab”, “polished_diorite_double_slab”, “granite_double_slab” and “polished_granite_double_slab” now have a destruction time of 1.5
  • “double_stone_block_slab4” block is now split into unique instances “mossy_stone_brick_double_slab”, “smooth_quartz_double_slab”, “normal_stone_double_slab”, “cut_sandstone_double_slab” and “cut_red_sandstone_double_slab”
  • “mossy_stone_brick_double_slab” now has a destruction time of 1.5
  • “prismarine” block is now split into unique instances “prismarine”, “dark_prismarine” and “prismarine_bricks”

Customizable Controls

  • Buttons can now slide completely to the right when customizing controls on iOS
  • When customizing touch controls, the safe zones on the left and right side are now ignored

Wind Charge

  • The Wind Charge model now correctly renders within its bounding box
  • Increased player-fired wind charge speed by 50%, bringing it into parity with Java Edition

Game Tips

  • Added emote game tip. The tip appears when there are remote players close to the player and the player has spent at least 30 seconds with other players in the world


  • Players will not receive damage when in the world load or dimension transfer loading screen
  • Players no longer momentarily go into a crawl for a single tick when moving towards a Bed with a 1.5 unit gap above it


  • Tweaked the way the dismount position is calculated to better align with moving Vehicles. This could result in minor differences when dismounting fast vehicles


  • The rarity color of Trident, Mace, and Heavy Core have been changed to the Epic color (magenta)

Banner Patterns

  • Added rarity coloring in the tooltips of Creeper Charge, Skull Charge, Thing, Snout, Flow, and Guster Banner Patterns


  • The Wind Charge Projectile shot by the Breeze no longer toggles blocks when Mob Griefing is disabled in Settings


  • Fixed a bug where a user could not create a new realm via the “Free Beta/Preview Realm Available” button in the Worlds tab due to an infinite loading screen and non-functioning “Create Preview/Beta Realm” button
  • Added a new reporting flow that lets players add more context and information about why the report is being made

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed an issue on Amazon devices where game would occasionally crash when joining a world

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong text could be shown on the death screen while using Hardcore mode in split screen

Vanilla Parity

  • Drowned now spawn individually in rivers instead of in groups of two
  • Drowned now spawn in aquifers in dripstone caves


  • Added sound effect to help players understand that they have already looted this Vault

Technical Updates

Add-Ons and Script Engine

  • Deprecated Entity Permutations
    • Permutations can no longer be parsed and applied to entities via their JSON file under the flag permutations
  • Deprecated Volume and /volumearea command
  • Entity Aliases is deprecated when a format_version of 1.21.10 or higher is specified


  • Released WorldInitializeBeforeEvent from beta to 1.12.0
  • Released WorldInitializeBeforeEventSignal from beta to 1.12.0
  • Custom Components
    • Released ItemComponentRegistry from beta to 1.12.0
    • Released ItemCustomComponent from beta to 1.12.0
    • Released ItemComponentBeforeDurabilityDamageEvent from beta to 1.12.0
    • Released ItemComponentCompleteUseEvent from beta to 1.12.0
    • Released ItemComponentConsumeEvent from beta to 1.12.0
    • Released ItemComponentHitEntityEvent from beta to 1.12.0
    • Released ItemComponentMineBlockEvent from beta to 1.12.0
    • Released ItemComponentUseEvent from beta to 1.12.0
    • Released ItemComponentUseOnEvent from beta to 1.12.0
  • Moved EntityTameableComponent from beta to 1.12.0 with properties getTameItemsisTamedprobabilitytamedToPlayertamedToPlayerId and function tame
  • Moved EntityAgeableComponent from beta to 1.12.0 with properties durationgrowUptransformToItem and function getDropItemsgetFeedItemsEntityDefinitionFeedItemTrigger
  • Enable the server-net module to be usable in local editor extensions


  • Added the view offset to the 3rd person camera for the experimental follow_orbit preset
    • The view offset is anchored to a pivot point at the center of the screen. When applied to the follow_orbit preset, the player is shifted to be at a distance from center specified by the the offset.
    • The range for this offset is -100 to 100
    • This can be set by both commands and JSON
      • /camera @s set minecraft:follow_orbit view_offset viewX viewY
    • A new learning portal article detailing the 3rd person camera, including JSON syntax, will be published soon.
  • Added starting radius and rotation to the follow_orbit and 3rd person boom camera presets
    • The starting radius (distance from player) is fixed right now at 10 blocks from the player position.
    • The starting rotation (pitch and yaw) are fixed right now at 45X and 45Y.
    • The follow orbit camera is the only preset available, the 3rd person boom preset will be coming in a future release.
  • Exposed radius component to behavior packs to be overwritten by creator cameras. Also added ‘minecraft:third_person’ and ‘minecraft:third_person_front’ to the allow list of presets that can be inherited from
    • This allows you to make a 3rd person camera based on the vanilla 3rd person cameras but with a variable radius.
      The radius (distance from player) is not limited but render distance and other constraints still exist.
    • This does not allow modifications to the vanilla cameras.


  • Removed Keybinding for ‘D’ from Paste Preview which blocked movement right. Fixed Distance mode can be selected using the side-panel
  • Fixed missing CTRL+X key binding in Editor
  • Expanded the Block Palette Service API to allow management of Block Palettes and Block Palette Items
  • Added radial drag to number input fields, allowing value changes with mouse drag movement
  • Introduced a new script brush manager method getBrushVolume which, given a set of brush pipeline operations, builds an absolute compound block volume for the brush
  • Fixed bug where small movements in the brush tool caused incorrect cursor tracking

Entity Components

  • Added a wind_burst_on_hit subcomponent for Projectiles which creates a wind burst upon collision with an entity or block before being removed from the world
  • Wind Charges no longer burst when removed by command


  • “minecraft:scatter_feature” now has a “distribution” field like “minecraft:feature_rules” to define the scattering settings. Features now use schema version “1.21.10”


  • Released minecraft:custom_components item component out of experimental in json formats 1.21.10 and higher
  • Introduced “slot.armor.body” as an extra armor slot for entities, like horses, limited to a single armor item but needing the effects of a full armor set
  • Introduced the “minecraft:damage_absorption” item component, enabling items to absorb damage intended for their wearer
    • The “absorbable_causes” field allows to specify which damage causes to absorb
    • Absorbed damage depletes the item’s durability, and surplus damage is ignored
    • Requires equipping the item in an armor slot for damage to be absorbed
    • When multiple damage absorbing items are equipped, a suitable one is selected at random to absorb incoming damage
  • Introduced the “minecraft:durability_sensor” item component, enabling items to emit sounds and particles when damage causes them to lose durability
    • The “durability_thresholds” field allows to define a list of both durability thresholds and the effects to emit when they are met
    • When the item receives enough damage to meet multiple thresholds at the same time, only the one corresponding to the lowest durability is considered
  • Learning portal documents on these features and how to use them are being written and will be available soon


  • Fixed a bug that prevented two back-to-back error screens when the client was out of date and a Realm had a pending update

Experimental Technical Features


  • Added playerEmote which fires after a player uses an emote
  • Block Custom Components
    • Use of the ‘onTick’ event requires the block has the ‘minecraft:tick’ component to configure how the block ticks
    • Blocks that are world generated, and have the ‘minecraft:tick’ component, will now tick


  • Added a Brightness / Gamma calibration screen for Deferred Technical Preview
    • The calibration screen can be found under Deferred Graphics Settings within the Video settings menu

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed a crash when enabling the Deferred Technical Preview experiment on Android devices with an Arm Mali GPU

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