Minecraft Bedrock Edition Changelog

Known Issues

  • Players cannot stack split items while using gamepads or mouse and keyboard. We hope to have this issue resolved as soon as possible!

Experimental Features


  • Camels no longer get pulled into rideable entities

Note Blocks

  • Mob heads can now be placed on top of note blocks without sneaking
    • This bypasses the default interaction, and we would love your feedback on this change!

Touch Controls

  • Correct dismount tip now shows if not using classic touch controls

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Crimson and Warped block sets now have a unique set of sounds


  • Fixed potential crash when teleporting players to other dimensions using commands

Commands Parity

  • Running ‘/execute if|unless score’ on a player that doesn’t have a score set will now return false
  • ‘/execute if|unless score’ no longer accepts selectors that can return multiple entities (ie. @e, @a)


  • Redstone Dust now emits a sound when placed on the ground
  • Player will now respond correctly to speed changes using minecraft:movement


  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor was visible and is no longer usable to control the player camera on the HUD screen after exiting the menu screen with a touch while moving the mouse around


  • Wither and Ender Dragon Spawn Eggs are no longer available in the Creative Inventory but are still available using commands


  • Players can now “pick” Iron Golems, Snow Golems, Withers, and Ender Dragons, obtaining their respective Spawn Eggs
  • Piglins can once again spawn at light levels above 7 in the Nether
  • Evokers now play a ‘sit’ animation when riding a mount or vehicle

Particle Effects

  • Updated particles documentation with descriptions of new materials and included example particles in the example resource pack

Performance and Stability

  • Fixed potential crash when using “instant_despawn” component
  • Fixed potential crash when loading actors
  • ClientSide LevelChunk generation is now Server authoritative, preventing Clients from generating unnecessary chunks

Touch Controls

  • Resolved an issue that pressing the inventory button could interact with the world instead of opening the inventory on some devices
  • Fixed an issue that players couldn’t scroll pages when one row was off-screen
  • Added several levels of intervals for repeat crafting when holding on the crafted items
  • Removed the camera movement delay when the player swiped from the attack and build buttons in crosshair mode
  • The touch focus circle has been reactivated with the new touch controls (not in Crosshair mode)

User Interface

  • Toast notifications can now be swiped away on touch devices in-game
  • Touch control settings section is no longer visible on Xbox

Vanilla Parity

  • Change various blocks’ map colors to match Java Edition
  • Change frogspawn map color to match Java Edition
  • Change bed block map colors to match Java Edition


  • Wooden Doors, Iron Doors, Wooden Trapdoors, Iron Trapdoors and Fence Gates now use the same opening and closing sounds as Java Edition
  • Updated Pressure Plates to have different sound pitches based on their behaviour to match Java Edition
  • Added a unique button click sound for Wooden Buttons to match Java Edition

Technical Updates


  • Entity
    • Fixed a bug where the getEffect method could return an invalid Effect (and another case where an Effect could become invalid after a new Effect was added)
  • EntityHurtEvent
    • Added read-only property damageSource: EntityDamageSource – Gets information about the damage source
    • EntityDamageSource
      • Added property cause: EntityDamageCause – Gets the damage cause
      • Added property damagingEntity?: Entity – Gets the damaging Entity
      • Added property damagingProjectile?: Entity – Gets the damaging projectile Entity
      • Added function applyDamage(amount: number, source?: EntityDamageSource): boolean – Applies damage to the Entity and returns the result of the operation
    • Dimension
      • Added function fillBlocks(begin: BlockLocation, end: BlockLocation, block: BlockPermutation | BlockType, options?: BlockFillOptions): number
        • Fills an area between begin and end with block of type block. Returns number of blocks placed
      • Added new interface BlockFillOptions with member matchingBlock?: BlockPermutation | BlockType
        • Used with fillBlocks to apply additional options, such as only filling blocks matching matchingBlock
      • Player
        • Added function addLevels(amount: number): number – Adds/Removes level to/from the Player and returns the current level of the Player
        • Added function addExperience(amount: number): number – Adds/Removes experience to/from the Player and returns the current experience of the Player
        • Added function resetLevel(): void – Resets the level of the Player
        • Added function getTotalXp(): number – Gets the total experience of the Player
        • Added read-only property level – Gets the level of the Player
        • Added read-only property xpEarnedAtCurrentLevel – Gets the experience earned at the current level of the Player
        • Added read-only property totalXpNeededForNextLevel – Gets the total experience required for the current level of the Player


  • Renamed and converted all Smithing Table recipes to use the newly introduced “minecraft:recipe_smithing_transform” recipe format


  • Added content error for the condition that Custom blocks with permutations or properties fail to load in non-experimental worlds for JSON formats 1.19.60 and onwards

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