Military Addon [MCBE]

Addon allows you to turn into a real soldier equipped with an excellent set of weapons. You’ll receive not only a military suit but also firearms and melee weapons as well as explosives. Each object has a realistic sound and characteristics corresponding to the present prototype.

Created by bmheades

Military Addon for Minecraft PE

Weapons and things

  • Military uniform
  • M1911
  • M4A1
  • Rocket propelled grenade
  • F1
  • Dust Bomb
  • Knife

Military Addon for Minecraft PE Military Addon for Minecraft PE

New weapons simply replace vanilla ones so the crafting recipes are unchanged. I want to note have fun with explosives carefully otherwise it can end very badly. The current version is Minecraft PE 1.2.10.

Military Addon installation:

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft PE.
  2. Turn on the addon in the game settings.

Download Military Addon for Minecraft BE 1.2

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