Ender Lucky Block Addon [1.20]

A magic box that turns into something valuable from another dimension – this describes the next subtype of Lucky Block, which received the prefix Ender. The base for overworld is the original Lucky Blocks Addon, released specifically for Bedrock Edition. But when it comes to something special, there’s the Ender Lucky Block with 50 magic weapons. Prepare more lapis lazuli, you will need it.

Ender Items

  • Chorus Sword
  • Dragon ade
  • Dragon Hammer
  • Dragon Scythe
  • Dragon Sphere
  • Dragon Sword
  • Dragon Wand
  • End Light §lSword
  • End Crystal Blade
  • End Crystal Sword
  • Ender Devil Sword
  • Ender Scythe
  • Ender Sword
  • Ender Wing Sword
  • Endstone Blade
  • Endstone Sphere
  • Endstone Axe
  • Endstone Scythe
  • Endstone Sword
  • Eye Of Ender Sword
  • Pure Ender Sword
  • Royal Ender Blade
  • Royal Ender Hammer
  • Royal Ender Scythe
  • Royal Ender Sphere
  • Royal Ender Sword
  • Royal Ender Wand
  • Shulker Sword
  • Thulecite Hammer
  • Thulecite Sword
  • Void Axe
  • Void Hammer
  • Void Sphere
  • Void Sword
  • Book Of Fire
  • Book Of Invisibility
  • Book Of Life
  • Book Of Royalty
  • Book Of Speed
  • Book Of Strength


Ender Lucky Block Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft
  2. Go to the global resources -> enable the pack

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