True Tools Addon (3×3 Tools) [1.20]

By its name, True Tools does the opposite of the Java modification. The set of standard tools will be expanded with new ones that work in 3×3 block mode, plus updated mechanics for cutting down trees. With the addon enabled, you speed up digging, mining ores and creating mine passages using new tools, but that’s not all. Farming by the way also cultivates 3 times more area, and cutting down trees takes half a second, requiring only one broken block of wood.

Mining Tools (3×3 mode)

  • Wooden Hammer
    Stone Hammer
    Iron Hammer
    Gold Hammer
    Diamond Hammer
    Netherite Hammer
  • Wooden Lumberjack Axe
    Stone Lumberjack Axe
    Iron Lumberjack Axe
    Gold Lumberjack Axe
    Diamond Lumberjack Axe
    Netherite Lumberjack Axe
  • Wooden Snow Shovel
    Stone Snow Shovel
    Iron Snow Shovel
    Gold Snow Shovel
    Diamond Snow Shovel
    Netherite Snow Shovel
  • Wooden Spade Fork
    Stone Spade Fork
    Iron Spade Fork
    Gold Spade Fork
    Diamond Spade Fork
    Netherite Spade Fork

True Tools Addon Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft.
  2. Go to the global resources and enable the pack.

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