Only 10 Seconds Map [MCPE 1.6+]

Test your parkour skill in only 10 seconds that are reserved to complete levels. This is hellishly difficult if you didn’t play parkour at all or did it for a long time. The map increases adrenaline rush and makes you think like you are a parkour master. Successfully passed level is saved therefore do not worry in case of death from falling or exhaustion of time.

Only 10 Seconds Map MCPE 1.6+

What’s included?

Each level is 10 seconds, no more no less

Saving system for each level

Created in Minecraft BE 1.6

Only 10 Seconds Map installation:

  1. Download the file (.mcworld) and open it via Minecraft PE.
  2. Start the game and select the map.

Download Only 10 Seconds Map for MCPE 1.6+

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