Deathrun Map [MCPE 1.1.1]

Deathrun is a parkour map with some features and intended for a group of players. The obstacle course is divided into two parts: the first part consists of obstacles that must be passed as quickly as possible, the second one is a place for the player who will stop the runners and in every possible way stop them. In fact, this is a very interesting creation if you have a few good friends with whom you can properly play.

Creator: noahcraftreal1

Deathrun Map [MCPE] Deathrun Map [MCPE] Deathrun Map [MCPE] Deathrun Map [MCPE]


  • You must select the player who will create obstacles during the parkour.
  • Players can unite to go through a difficult stage.
  • It is forbidden to use hacks and creative or to break blocks.

Download Deathrun Map

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