Botania Mod [MCPE]

Porting the Botania mod, originally created on Minecraft Java, is in full swing. So far this is the first beta version, in which there are not so many features and content from the full modification. The mod was developed on an older engine and was recently rewritten to Inner Core, which made it possible to add more interesting features.

Botania Mod for MCPE

What does Botania PE have?

  • Mana pool & API
  • Petal pharmacist & API
  • Pure daisy & API
  • Mystical flowers and generation in the world
  • Day flower
  • Mana distributor and API for transferring mana from generators to a distributor and from a distributor to mana pools

Botania Mod for MCPE Botania Mod for MCPE

Botania Mod installation

  1. Install Inner Core.
  2. Open the mod via IC.
  3. Start the game.

Download Botania Mod for Minecraft PE

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