X-Ray Plus Resource Pack [1.19]

The plus version features a wider set of X-Ray options included in a single resource pack. By having it active you filter the landscape of the world you are playing from useless or less useful blocks compared to rarer ones.

X-Ray Plus Resource Pack

It makes no sense to use this pack if you have the ability to easily find ore veins, diamonds and other rare metals and minerals. Otherwise, X-Ray Plus is what makes finding ores and underground structures very easy and fast.

X-Ray Plus Resource Pack

Invisible Blocks

The full list of the first version contains about 70 blocks that lost their textures with X-Ray is enabled. Those are not only stones and sand, but also underwater kelp as well as leaves, mud and trees.

X-Ray Plus Resource Pack Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft.
  2. Go to the global resources and enable the pack.

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