Zombie’s Clones Addon [1.21]

Did you think that zombies could only be enemies? Having Zombie’s Clones installed, zombies get a wide variety while maintaining vanilla textures, which in turn does not ruin the game. Not to repeat the types, there are friendly new zombies to form your personal army. Follow the recipes to create a huge army.

Zombies [Ultimate/Friendly]

  • Ultimate Zombie Pet
  • Friendly Zombie
  • Friendly Zombie with Egg
  • Friendly Zombie with Ender Pearl
  • Friendly Zombie with Fire Charge
  • Friendly Zombie with Fireball
  • Friendly Zombie with Trident
  • Friendly Zombie with Random Equipment
  • Friendly Zombie with Totem
  • Friendly Zombie with Snowball
  • Friendly Ender Zombie
  • Friendly Withered Zombie
  • Friendly Ice Zombie
  • Friendly Fire Zombie
  • Friendly Command Zombie
  • Friendly Zombie Archer
  • Friendly Zombie Knockback Stick
  • Skeleton Pet
  • Zombie Pet Burst
  • Zombie Pet Tier 1
  • Zombie Pet TNT Thrower
  • Zombie Pet Archer
  • Zombie Pet Trident Thrower

Zombie Boss Time

Drawing on all your experience and gathering a large squad, challenge the monster from Zombie Boss Addon to test yourself.


Zombie’s Clones Addon Installation

  1. Download the file
  2. Open it using Minecraft
  3. Experiments ON

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