Food Addon [Minecraft PE 0.17.0]

It’s pretty simple resource pack which adds 4 food product. There’s nothing special, you will get foods such as hamburger, tomato, bun and popcorn. Due to the fact that this is addon, you can not eat it but they can perfectly decorate your table or kitchen. In any case, the Food add-on is a regular game add-on for decoration.

Food Addon [Minecraft PE 0.17.0] Food Addon [Minecraft PE 0.17.0]

How to get the food?

There are several ways, but the main ones are the use of creative mode or explosion of mobs by a creeper. Certainly it will be easier to open the creative inventory and take the items.

Food Addon

How to install the Food add-on?

  • Download resource pack and activate it in the game settings.

Download Food Addon [Minecraft PE 0.17.0]

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