Alto Shader [Minecraft PE 1.2+]

Initially, Alto was developed for low-performance devices with a small amount of RAM. Now these shaders are made in four versions for all types of devices. There are many features as well as a few shortcomings but in general the Alto Shader is a good addition to Minecraft  PE with which your eyes will be happy to see the sun, sky, rain and other weather conditions.

Created by shmoonjr

Alto Shader MCPE Alto Shader Minecraft PE Alto Shader Minecraft PE Alto Shader Minecraft PE Alto Shader [Minecraft PE 1.1+] Alto Shader [Minecraft PE 1.1+] Alto Shader [Minecraft PE 1.1+]

Main differences:

  • Wind (available in the ultra version).
  • Updated shadows.
  • New sun, moon and stars as well as clouds and precipitation.
  • Waves and currents of rivers.
  • Smooth lighting.
  • Correctly adjusted contrast.
  • Improved water with a smoother color and transparency.
  • The light emitting objects look more realistic.

Shaders are divided into four versions, select the most suitable for your devices. I advise you to make your choice on the basis of RAM. If you have less than 512 MB, then install the Low-version, powerful versions work well on devices with 1 GB or more.

Version 11.0:

  • Compatible with Minecraft 1.2.X
  • Dynamic water reflection
  • A new color palette for all parts of the day
  • Wind fixed

How to install the Alto Shader?

  1. Download the appropriate version.
  2. Go to the game settings and select the shader pack.

Note: there may be some problems on Win10 devices.

Download Alto Shader [Very Low]
Download Alto Shader [Low]
Download Alto Shader [Medium]
Download Alto Shader [Ultra]
Download Alto Shader [All Devices]

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