Aksu Resource Pack [1.14.0]

One of the first minimalistic solutions for Minecraft 1.14 Java that simplifies 90% of all textures. Its name is Aksu and it is intended for low-end PCs, so if there are slowdowns during the game and very often the picture freezes up then you should try this pack. There isn’t resolution difference between these textures and vanilla, 16x is the best that works on weak computers. Moreover, the pack has been updated for the latest version.

Created by  Aksu

Aksu Resource Pack [1.14.0]

Style: Cartoonish

This means a reduced number of patterns and no different particles on the blocks. In turn, this concept has a positive effect on performance, increasing FPS. Aksu is not much different from standard textures, most players are well aware of the new style and continue to play in a good mood.

Aksu Resource Pack [1.14.0] Aksu Resource Pack [1.14.0] Aksu Resource Pack [1.14.0] Aksu Resource Pack [1.14.0] Aksu Resource Pack [1.14.0]

Aksu Resource Pack installation

  1. Move the folder here: ./minecraft/resourcepacks.
  2. Activate the pack in the game settings.

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