Before Dawn [16x] [1.12.2/1.13.2]

Incredibly warm and villages suitable resource pack that you can download right now for the latest versions of Minecraft. First of all, Before Dawn is the Middle Ages wrapped in a simple but very attractive style. Its peculiarity is smooth transitions from one color to another, which makes the pack a great solution for small settlements, castles, fortresses, old huts or European-style houses.

Created by Fudds

Before Dawn for Minecraft Before Dawn for Minecraft Before Dawn for Minecraft

Compared to the default, the Before Dawn Resources replaces the landscape blocks with their own. Typically, these packs only change textures but the overall appearance remains the same, very similar to vanilla. The 16 xresolution wasn’t subject to change so that you won’t see the friezes if your specs are far from ideal.

Before Dawn [16x] Before Dawn [16x] Before Dawn [16x]

Before Dawn Texture Pack installation

  1. Move the folder here: ./minecraft/resourcepacks.
  2. Activate the pack in the game settings.

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