Waifu Addon [1.20]

Waifu Addon was created as a companion add-on to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with compatibility with modes that can be either survival or creative. Your waifu is a great helper with primitive intelligence for version 1, however, she is able to protect you and your pets, follow and just live with you in your base. There’re about 40 anime girls to choose from, and in secret, you can not stop at one wife, but make a marriage proposal to any number of ladies.

Taming (marriage)

Here are the flowers that act as an engagement ring for your love. Spawn a waifu and offer any of the flowers – she will agree and that’s it, from that moment you are officially husband and wife.

Your spouse knows how

Any of the presented ladies has a standard set of features, including protection and following. Healing is through food by feeding the wife. In addition, wives make sounds, which are also included in the addon as an integrated pack.

Waifu Addon


08.13.23: ver 1.6

  • Added new jobs that wives can do
  • Updated for MC:PE 1.20.30+

Waifu Addon Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft.
  2. Go to the global resources and enable the pack.

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  1. Nipa3008 says:

    Current This My Addon as 4.0 Not 1.5

  2. Nipa3008 says:

    Waifus 1.6(3.6) at You Upload by AL3XANDRE not Me

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