Voxelation Mod [Minecraft PE 0.15/0.16.0]

Voxelation Mod Minecraft PE
This new modification will allow you to decorate your home with the help of nearly twenty decorative blocks. Now your home will be more realistic and comfortable. Practically all blocks are made in 3d and have a well-drawn textures.

Voxelation Mod is an excellent alternative to Pocket Furniture. You will get a complete set for the decoration of your bathroom and kitchen, and there are items for the living room. Each decorative block has a unique crafting recipe or can be obtained by using the id.

The drawback is the inability to rotate objects in different directions. In the future, the author will fix this little problem and will add even more different furniture. In the meantime, download Voxelation Mod and decorate your house as you want.

Voxelation Mod Minecraft PE

Voxelation Mod Minecraft PE

Voxelation Mod installation:

Download the mod from the link below (the file name ends with .modpkg).
Start BlockLauncher Pro and click on the wrench.
Go to the “ModPE Script” and enable support for mods, click “Add”.
Now, find the downloaded file and click on it. At the same time texture pack installed automatically.
All is ready.

Download Voxelation Mod [Minecraft PE 0.15/0.16.0]

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