Tree Capitator Addon [1.20/1.21]

This is a classic Tree Capitator for MC: Bedrock Edition that follows the basic rules of the original mod. Is this your first time hearing about this? In a nutshell, Tree Capitator changes the mechanics of cutting down trees, making them follow physical laws. When cutting down a tree trunk, it now falls completely, breaking into blocks. Imagine how much wood extraction speeds up when the addon is enabled.

How to enable Tree Capitator?

Following the original Java mod, Bedrock’s requires you to sneak while cutting down a block of wood. Afterwards the tree trunk will fall, except for the leaves. Every block of wood you cut down counts toward the strength of your axe, so be prepared for that.

Tree Capitator Addon Installation

  1. Download the file from the link below
  2. Open it using Minecraft

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