Sky Survival Islands Map [MCPE]

Sky Survival Islands is a place where you will be alone and no one will help you. An empty island and the minimum amount of resources is all that surrounds you. Only your wits and ingenuity can save you. The purpose of the map is quite simple but difficult at the same time. You need to survive and to equip the island where you spawn. If you are still able to build your home and decorate it, then you get the second goal.

Sky Survival Islands Map [MCPE] Sky Survival Islands Map [MCPE]Sky Survival Islands Map [MCPE]

The purpose of number two is much more difficult than the first one, so be patient and build the way to other islands. There’s big trouble waiting for you, so do not forget to take a weapon. Sky Survival Islands is not only survival but also intelligence.

Sky Survival Islands Map [MCPE]

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