Oreberries Mod

If you remember the initial versions of the Tinkers’ Construct mod then there were berries that are currently removed. The Oreberries Mod is a standalone modification that adds the same berries to Minecraft Java and you can grow them and get certain bonuses.

Created by  josephcsible

Oreberries Mod Minecraft Oreberries Mod Minecraft

Plant the seeds and process your plant to grow a bush with berries. Then pick berries and eat or use as ingredients for other foods. Berries are very useful, and some types can give you new abilities.

Oreberries Mod Minecraft Oreberries Mod Minecraft

Initially, the Oreberries Mod works in conjunction with Tinkers’ Construct but if you want, you can use it separately.

Oreberries Mod installation:

  1. Move the mod folder here: ./minecraft/mods.
  2. Minecraft Forge must be installed.

Download Oreberries Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2

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