monoDeco Furniture Plus Addon [1.20/1.21]

By adding monoDeco Furniture Plus to your add-on library, you immediately solve all questions related to furniture in Minecraft: BE, namely OVER 700 items from tabletops to highly targeted updates related to cafes and restaurants. Almost everything that is in front of us is in monoDeco.

Where does monoDeco Furniture: Plus begin?

A standard furniture set holds about 300 pieces for main rooms and spaces. Subsequent patches add even more items including future updates. On this YT channel you will find a more detailed description of each version included in monoDeco Furniture Plus.

  • Cafe and Market Update
  • Traffic Update
  • Garden Update
  • Gaming Update
  • Construction Update
  • School Update


  1. Holiday Creator Features [ON]
  2. Upcoming Features [ON]

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