Mob Morphing Addon [1.20/1.21]

Transforming into mobs is legal using the new magic bracelet. Wearing it allows you to turn into any creature, inheriting its abilities and properties! So, how does the Mob Morphing Addon work and why is it one of the best of its kind?

What is needed for morphing?

An item that turns you into any entity you want is a morph bracelet. This is a craftable device that transforms you into any mob. Get it and kill the mob you want to turn into. Then tap while holding the bracelet to open its interface.

Multiplayer Features

At moments when you would like to share your souls with another player, use a scroll of souls. This is a thing that holds the souls of mobs you kill.

Mob Abilities

And the last thing you should definitely know about is the abilities that you get after morphing into a mob. It is logical to assume that the mob you have become has some properties, so you will get the main ones.


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