LEGOCraft Addon [1.20/1.21]

Minecraft is Lego itself in a way where structures are assembled piece by piece from blocks. At the same time, LEGOCraft introduces a basic set of Lego building blocks that imitate plastic bricks. The difference is that these Lego bricks hold the texture but have connection points.

LEGO Blocks

All are added as new blocks without replacing vanilla ones.

  • Lego Block Maker
  • Amethyst Lego Block
  • Lego Oak Planks
  • Lego Glowstone
  • Lego Moss
  • Lego Bedrock
  • Stonebrick Lego
  • Cobblestone Lego
  • Stone Lego
  • Netherrack Lego
  • Endstone Lego
  • Quartz Lego
  • Brick Lego
  • Spruce Planks Lego
  • Acacia Planks Lego
  • Dark Oak Planks Lego
  • Birch Planks Lego
  • Cherry Planks Lego
  • Mangrove Planks Lego
  • Bamboo Planks Lego
  • Crimson Planks Lego
  • Warped Planks Lego
  • Mud Lego
  • Dirt Lego
  • Orange Concrete Lego
  • Pink Concrete Lego
  • Magenta Concrete Lego
  • Yellow Concrete Lego
  • White Concrete Lego
  • Red Concrete Lego
  • Black Concrete Lego
  • Lime Concrete Lego
  • Blue Concrete Lego
  • Brown Concrete Lego
  • Gray Concrete Lego
  • Cyan Concrete Lego
  • Green Concrete Lego
  • Gold Block Lego
  • Lego Diamond Block
  • Deepslate Bricks Lego
  • Cobbled Deepslate Lego
  • Netherite Block Lego
  • Shroomlight Lego
  • Oak Wood Lego
  • Spruce Wood Lego
  • Birch Wood Lego
  • Acacia Wood Lego
  • Cherry Wood Lego
  • Mangrove Wood Lego
  • Bamboo Mosaic Lego
  • Mud Bricks Lego
  • Lapis Lazuli Block Lego
  • Packed Ice Lego
  • Dripstone Block Lego


LEGOCraft Addon Installation

  1. Download the file
  2. Open it using Minecraft

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