Hidden doors Texture pack [Minecraft PE 1.0.4]

Camouflage Doors is an unusual resource pack for creating traps in Minecraft PE. It adds 7 stylized doors that can not be distinguished from the surrounding blocks. Ground door is perfectly combined with any mountain or cave. If you have a stone house, the stone door just does not differ from the entire structure. So you can build unrealistic traps, hidden construction and so on.

Hidden doors Texture pack [Minecraft PE 1.0.4]

How to get a new door?

Just as before, go into your inventory and take any of them, if you play creative. If you play survival, then go to the crafting table and craft a door using a conventional recipe.

Hidden doors Texture pack [Minecraft PE 1.0.4]

But be aware that Camouflage Doors works only when all players have installed this resource pack.

Hidden doors Texture pack [Minecraft PE 1.0.4]

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