Heartlands Texture Pack [Minecraft 1.10.2]

If you are looking for beautiful, detailed and juicy texture pack for Minecraft 1.10.2 then be sure to download the Heartlands Texture Pack. Now every biome will have a unique and realistic look. You will be able to build a real medieval castle surrounded by a bright and living environment. Take a look at a small house in the screenshot.

The Heartlands changes almost everything that surrounds you: you will see new mobs, blocks, objects, sky and so on. Almost all of the building blocks are glowing, it looks very cool.


Heartlands Texture Pack [Minecraft 1.10.2]

Heartlands Texture Pack [Minecraft 1.10.2]

Heartlands Texture Pack [Minecraft 1.10.2]

How to install Heartlands Texture Pack:

  • Download the file and open .minecraft folder on your PC.
  • Open the folder named resourcepacks and copy the downloaded file into this folder.
  • It’s done, start the game.

Download Heartlands Texture Pack [Minecraft 1.10.2]

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