Fish Addon [MCPE 1.1+]

It’s time to add more unique fish and a variety of marine fauna in Minecraft PE. The Fish Addon is 4 new species of fish that differ from the original fish and have their own behavior. These fish will not spawn in the water and to see them you will have to use spawn eggs (pig, creeper, cow and mooshroom eggs). Fishing rod does not work in this addon and you can not catch a new fish.

Creator: Rexiar

Fish Addon [MCPE 1.1+] Fish Addon [MCPE 1.1+]

The main shortcomings are over and now you can move on to positive features. You will have the opportunity to build a beautiful large aquarium and fill it with new fish. It will look amazing, modern homes are suitable for this perfectly. The aquarium built into the wall looks very cool.

Download Fish Addon [MCPE 1.1+]

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