Category: Minecraft PE Mods

Shield Addon Minecraft PE 0

Shield Addon [MCPE]

Take the shield in your hand and go into a long battle with monsters or hostile players along with Shield Addon. Probably it will disappoint you but the addon adds not quite the shield...

SpiderMan Addon MCPE 0

SpiderMan Addon [MCPE]

Put on a spiderman costume and go save this world. SpiderMan Addon adds the main characters from the Spider-Man franchise including villains and assistants as well as ordinary citizens but this is not the main...

Mekanism PE Mod Minecraft PE 0

Mekanism PE Mod [MCPE]

Mekanism PE is a stand-alone mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition focused on mechanisms and power generation and transmission. This mod is massive and consists of many separate mechanisms, each of which is equipped with...