C-Tetra Texture Pack [1.13.2]

C-Tetra is an excellent resource pack for any type of player. Are you a lover of high-quality and saturated items and want to change the monotonous style of Minecraft to something cheerful and encouraging? Then C-Tetra offers you completely new textures based on vanilla images. Its advantages include a special smoothness that turns the blocks into something beautiful. Even the grass now looks special, it’s nice to admire.

Created by canna

C-Tetra Texture Pack [1.13.2]

C-Tetra features

  • Updated villagers relevant for upcoming Minecraft 1.14
  • Full pack of updated mobs
  • All blocks and objects are recreated
  • There’s everything from the Aquatic Update
  • New armor, weapons and tools
  • Themed paintings
  • Beds differ in pattern
  • Wonderful living world

C-Tetra Texture Pack [1.13.2] C-Tetra Texture Pack [1.13.2] C-Tetra Texture Pack [1.13.2]

C-Tetra Texture Pack installation

  1. Move the folder here: ./minecraft/resourcepacks.
  2. Activate the pack in the game settings.

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