Minecraft-Java-1.14 1

Minecraft Java 1.14 — Village & Pillage

We present you the next update called Village & Pillage. The first information about this appeared at the Minecon Earth 2018 conference where almost the entire Mojang team gathered. To date, there aren’t many...

Botania Mod for MCPE 0

Botania Mod [MCPE]

Porting the Botania mod, originally created on Minecraft Java, is in full swing. So far this is the first beta version, in which there are not so many features and content from the full modification. The...

Hytale 0

Hytale — What is it?

The trailer for the future game Hytale presented not so long ago excited many Minecraft fans, because it showed features that almost everyone is looking forward to. But before we compare Minecraft and Hytale, let’s...