EastFault Resource Pack [16x] [1.19/1.21]

Not like FPS Boost, but somewhere between PvP and regular survival is EastFault. The textures included in it are marked as 16×16, which gives a small performance increase that can only be felt on inexpensive mobile phones or very weak PCs.

So what is it for?

Call it a cosmetic resource pack for softness and smoothness. Separately noted are the updated cubemap files with beautiful landscapes.


This Pack was made for DualEast for reaching 1,000 Subscribers!

  • Blocks are from OCD Pack
  • Gui is an edit from NicoFruit [16x]
  • Skies by l33tfox
  • Golden apple/apple inspired by tenochpacks
  • Animated items by emmalynpacks

EastFault Resource Pack Installation

  1. Download the file from the link below
  2. Open it using Minecraft

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