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Minecraft 1.13.2 Pre-Release 1

An unexpected first Pre-release version aimed at correcting performance problems of the game, as well as some bugfixes. Nothing special here, unlike Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.8 with new stray cats, pandas and bamboo. But...

Chinese Pandas and Minecraft 1.14 0

Chinese Pandas and Minecraft 1.14

Very soon we’ll see a new animal that is a panda. This was announced at the recent Minecon 2018, but we learned about it a bit earlier. The fact is that NetEase voted among Chinese players...

Minecraft-Java-1.14 1

Minecraft Java 1.14 — Village & Pillage

We present you the next update called Village & Pillage. The first information about this appeared at the Minecon Earth 2018 conference where almost the entire Mojang team gathered. To date, there aren’t many...